Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Citytalk offer integrated vehicle tracking systems to businesses in Aylesbury, Bucks and areas like Milton Keynes and Hemel Hempstead, Herts. We offer a fully guaranteed installation service for all vehicle tracking units and offer installation at your business premises anywhere in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and London and the surrounding area.



What can a Vehicle tracking device do for your company?

Vehicle tracking is not about spying on employees. It is to monitor and scrutinise day to day activity to find efficiencies and appropriate working practices that provide benefits to both employees and customers. Tracking provides the opportunity to greatly reduce carbon footprints, reduce costs and to increase safety. Tracking systems make it far easier to comply with the law.

Increased productivity:

By understanding more accurately how your business operates on a day to day basis, work can be more effectively and evenly distributed. This drives down work miles driven giving more ‘on site’ time in the day and allows more jobs to be achieved. This has benefits for the employee, customer and company.

Reduced operational expense:

Higher declaration of private mileage and reduced overall mileage are common results of a vehicle tracking system. These costs saved often pay for the system alone. The ability to monitor driving behaviour can also have a beneficial effect on fuel used, accidents caused, premature wear and tear of vehicles, improved adherence to service schedules which lowers maintenance/ insurance costs and enhanced residual values.  

Compliance with health and safety legislation:

All business mileage in any vehicle is the responsibility of the Company as well as the individual – this extends to licenses, insurance, driving hours, vehicle maintenance driving style (e.g. speeding), and much more. Directors can be personally liable for infringements and penalties are harsh. The benefit to the driver is that they are not unduly pressured by their supervisory or management teams to operate outside of legal guidelines in achieving higher productivity levels. More seriously a company significantly reduces the risk of at work accidents protecting their own and their employee’s interests. This has further insurance risk profile benefits that can sit in this category or the ‘reduce operational expense category’. When you bear in mind that 80% of all work related road injuries and deaths are caused by either speed or fatigue, the benefits of system deployment are perfectly apparent to all parties.

Compliance with Tax legislation:

Under-declaration of private mileage or not paying tax for a vehicle also used privately is common. These are offences which HMRC are actively pursuing to recover revenue which they know they are losing. If companies cannot prove compliance taxes can be backdated 7 years and applied to the whole fleet on a “guilty until proven innocent” basis unique to tax law. It is very hard to prove compliance in this area without a tracking system. 

Improved customer service:

By having a real time view of daily operations, companies are empowered to deliver the most appropriate resource without the need to make countless calls to find out the status of each potential deployable employee. This again has benefits for the employee (lack of distraction and interruption) and the employer with quicker response times and the ability to provide detailed SLA compliance data to customers. As a result, this protects existing contracts and aids in winning new ones. Best of breed navigation and HD traffic services are also hugely beneficial here. Protecting customer service levels and driving them upward this has a direct effect on turnover and everybody’s job security.

Most employees realise the true motives for a decision to deploy this technology within a fleet and work with the company to maximise benefits.



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Routeco Case Study


The Customer

Routeco are a one of the UK’s largest Industrial Control & Automation Companies and have been trading since 1978. They have 13 regional offices across the UK, with their head office based in Milton Keynes.  The company today employ around 250 people and turn over in excess of £100 million.


The Challenge

Routeco were previously using the EE network but they were not receiving the network coverage that their staff required.  As a result we faced the challenge to port 127 mobile users’ mobile numbers across to a better suited provider from EE, whilst issuing as little disruption as possible to the day to day running of the business. Once we had confirmed the logistics of the move, Routeco also decided that is would be a good time to change the staff’s mobile devices from Android OS to Apple iOS.


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