Using your mobile abroad


Lucky enough to escape the torrential British rain this summer?


If so… then you can enjoy the sun without having to worry about your mobile usage… New regulations mean that you can roam like you are home within Europe for no extra cost!

If you’re travelling in Europe this summer, here are 5 things which you need to know about the new ‘Roam Like At Home’ rules. Access your emails, answer that important business call, or upload a picture of your beer by the pool to Instagram without worrying about the additional costs to your monthly bill…







1. Free roaming means you won’t be charged additional fees to use your UK allowance of minutes, texts or data when in the EU. You can enjoy the sun without having to worry about your mobile usage… New regulations mean that you can roam like you are home within Europe for no extra cost!

2. The new EU rules apply beyond the EU. Free calls, texts and data apply to all 28 EU countries and will also be extended to a few additional countries in the European Economic Area. That still leaves a number of European countries where the new rules won’t apply – though some providers may voluntarily let you use your UK allowance there anyway. If you’re travelling to Andorra, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine then double check with your Account Manager.

3. The new EU rules do not apply to those who move abroad.  If your phone is outside the UK for over half the time in any four-month period, then your network can charge you roaming fees on calls, texts and data usage. If you are away for a few weeks then it may work out cheaper to buy a local SIM.

4. Brexit won’t affect the new EU rules. Right now, the UK’s still a member of the EU, so the new rules apply to UK mobile users. New arrangements will be put in place to keep them down once Britain leaves the EU.

5. Data fiend? Wi-Fi is still the better option. If available, it’s still probably best to use free Wi-Fi in a hotel, bar, cafe or restaurant if you can find access to it. This will prevent you burning through your data allowance and risk extra charges if you’re on a cheaper tariff.

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