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Prepare For Ransomware

In light of the well-publicised ransomware attack on the NHS, Citytalk are providing existing customers and elusive offer to minimise the risk of this affecting your business... Citytalk have put policies in place for our IT customers to reduce the risk of Ransomware and also ensuring that anyone infected can be restored as quickly as possible.


Managed Antivirus Service for just £200 per work station

FREE Antivirus With All Silver/Gold Support Contracts


Three Ways To Reduce Risk


Weak password are high risk

Users with weak passwords are at the most risk. The hackers are attempting to connect to server’s remote access, and guessing common/generic usernames and passwords. We are recommending all customers change their PC logon passwords immediately and avoid common passwords such as hello/welcome/logon/password/123456. Please try to ensure any password includes numbers, capitals and special characters and doesn't include a common word. To change your password, click ctrl+alt+delete whilst logged on and select “change password”. Policy's can be set to ensure users must reset their passwords every 60 or 90 days. Please enquire for more information.

Be cautious of Email Attachments

The second most common method is through attachments on emails. The hackers send emails, which may appear genuine or normal, with virus attachments. The most common type are emails which appear to be delivery Notes, voicemails from phones etc.

Carry Our Windows Updates

The most recent Ransomware, which has been the culprit of the NHS outage, was through a vulnerability in Windows. This was exposed and used as a route in for the virus. Microsoft have released a patch to fix this, and must be rolled out to all PC’s and servers as soon as possible. Proactive monitoring software is normally used to auto-roll these updates out across your entire site. 

Keeping Your Business Connected For Over 10 Years

"Well… I can’t believe 10 years have passed since the very conception of Citytalk. In that time we’ve grown a business with just a little over 30 employees & over 1000 customers; many of which it pleases me to say have become great friends. It’s been an amazing journey of learning and has been the most challenging experience of my life to date. I’m immensely proud of the team we have today, who epitomises the hard-working attitude that has got us to this milestone. There’s a long road left on our journey to be the very best, but I know the passion and drive to succeed burns strong in the hearts of all and I’m looking forward to the next 10 years (apart from the getting older part of course). Thank you to everyone that has put their trust in Citytalk to look after their Telecoms, IT & Security needs. You’re in great hands."

Matthew Croxford, Managing Director

October News

It’s been a little while since we’d last sent you a newsletter update, so we thought it was about time we fill you in with what’s been happening in the world of Citytalk… featuring our internal changes, our inter-company games and our recent Macmillan Coffee Morning in which we raised £440.44! We’d always welcome you to give us a call or pop in for a cup of tea to run through any requirements or services you need some help with.

Internal Changes

We have implemented strategic and personnel changes within each of the current teams. These changes will help us to become absolute experts in identifying, implementing and maintaining solutions across Telecoms, Mobiles, IT & Security. These changes can be seen in our new "Meet The Team" Page.

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Macmillan Coffee Morning

A huge thanks to the lovely ladies at Beau Products and the Aylesbury Women's Institute for donating their cakes for our Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday the 30th of September.
We raised an impressive total of £220.22 on the day, which was then doubled by our generous boss Matt...

Live Chat

We now have a Live Chat feature up and running on our website. Please visit our site and say "hello" to one of our friendly Consultants at: Our team are here to help answer any sales enquiries or support issues.

Inter-company Cup

The Citytalk team employees have been placed into 4 teams to compete for the "Inter-Company Cup". The First leg was the pub quiz, held at the Honey Bee on the 20th of September with Matt's team taking first prize. The next event is the 100m and 200m sprint in November.

Florence Nightingale Charity

Citytalk are happy to announce that we have partnered up with The Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity as a Corporate Companion. Florence Nightingale provide comprehensive care and support for local people and families affected by life-limiting illness and are a charity which a lot of our team and customers can relate to. Sadly; many of us experience the death of someone close to us from a life-limiting or terminal illness and may need the specialist care and support which Florence Nightingale Hospice offers. We will be doing our best to help raise money for this fantastic cause with various seasonal events such as our Halloween Office Party and our Christmas Jumper Day. We now also allocate a proportion of your spend with us to the Florence Nightingale Charity.

On Monday the 31st of October we celebrated Halloween in style; with office decorations, a face painter, a masseuse and various competitions. The team made a fantastic effort with everyone dressing up to raise over £100. Please take a quick look at our video to see everything we did to raise money for the Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity. We also held our Christmas Jumper Day on the 9th of December; the same day as our Secret Santa and Office party and raised £50. Now were are looking forward to big plans in the new year to help support the great work which the Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity do for those in the local community.

If you would like to donate to the Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity, please click here.


Macmillan Coffee & Cake Morning

A huge thanks to the lovely ladies at Beau Products and the Aylesbury Women's Institute for donating their cakes for our Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday the 30th of September.
We raised an impressive total of £220.22 on the day thanks to your help. And to make things better; our generous boss Matt has offered to double this... Meaning that we have raised a grand total of £440.44 for Macmillan.
Every cake shared helps us be there for someone affected by cancer, from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. Together we can make sure that no one faces cancer alone.

If you were not able to make it, but would still like to give a donation to Macmillan, just text CUPCAKE to 70550 (one text=£5), go to or phone 0845 074 2606.

Also please take a look at Beau Product's website for some of the beautiful cakes that were offer on the day – including cake mixes, coffee syrups, tea concentrates and cupcakes.


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Citytalk Testimonials

Pride Mobility Case Study

The Customer

Pride are a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of mobility products such as power chairs, scooters and lift chairs for people with disabilities and mobility impairments. The company's Head Office is based in the U.S, but Pride have subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Australia and in the UK - with their office in Bicester devoted to establishing a global representation to ensure customers are best served.

The Challenge

Pride's site in Bicester is a large old warehouse on an industrial site which was a food preparation factory until Pride moved in. Because it is such a large site, out of the way from the main town; it means that a lot of the local teens like to make the most of the space. They were constantly breaking in through the side fences and loitering around, breaking into the trucks and vandalising areas of the grounds and building. This was causing stress and the expense of having to constantly clear up after the vandals and the team were left forever repairing the side wired fences, as the teens would climb underneath them, bending back the wiring. Pride needed to deter and monitor around the whole site as there are plenty of potential entry points. 


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