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Broadband for your Business - You can count on a Citytalk broadband solution

At Citytalk we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and award-winning customer service. We understand how important the internet is to keep your business running smoothly. Benefit from high speed and consistently reliable connectivity with speeds of up to 24mb. Great value cost-effective business broadband with a range of packages designed to give you the flexibility to grow.

We have a range of business broadband packages to choose from so that you can tailor your package to suit your business needs, all at highly competitive prices. Whether you are a sole trader, a small to medium business or a large organisation, we have the package to suit you. 

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You can now also check if you are able to have Fibre Optic Broadband with our FTTC Checker


Citytalk WiFi enables your business to understand your customers inside out and provides a marketing platform to reach out to them directly. With Citytalk WiFi you can extract information from your own visitors, customers and passers-by; allowing your business to increase its marketing presence to grow your profitability. We provide you with all the reporting tools for you to make highly leveraged decisions that can break your business through to the next level. Increase your productivity and reoccurring business now with Citytalk WiFi.


Plug & Play Setup – It all starts with plugging in the access point, so that our WIFI platform starts gathering the desired visitor information that you've specified. No difficult setup needed. To top it off: your customers get fast, easy and secure guest-WiFi that markets your business and allows your automated marketing behaviours to start once they're online.


Build your online presence automatically – Your visitors could have to “like” and follow you on Social Media, in exchange for enjoying fast and easy guest-WiFi. This builds up your online reputation and following automatically, while Citytalk WIFI gathers all relevant information from people’s Social Media profiles.


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Disaster Recovery Products

Connectivity is the lifeblood of any business! If you’re on the wrong product you could lose thousands of pounds every day –




Cloud Internet downtime

Connectivity is the lifeblood of any business! If you’re on the wrong product you could lose thousands of pounds every day! At Citytalk we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and award winning customer service.

We understand how important the internet is to keep your business running smoothly, so as a result we offer a cost-effective broadband, giving you the flexibility to grow.


Receive 12 Months Free Broadband 

when you purchase a VoIP telephone system with Citytalk




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ADSL / DSL2+MAX (up to 24mb)

  • Upto 24Mbps Download speed
  • Upto 2Mbps Upload speed
  • 5GB – Unlimited Monthly Usage Cap
  • FREE Installation
  • Uses your existing phone line


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Citytalk Testimonials

Pride Mobility Case Study

The Customer

Pride are a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of mobility products such as power chairs, scooters and lift chairs for people with disabilities and mobility impairments. The company's Head Office is based in the U.S, but Pride have subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Australia and in the UK - with their office in Bicester devoted to establishing a global representation to ensure customers are best served.

The Challenge

Pride's site in Bicester is a large old warehouse on an industrial site which was a food preparation factory until Pride moved in. Because it is such a large site, out of the way from the main town; it means that a lot of the local teens like to make the most of the space. They were constantly breaking in through the side fences and loitering around, breaking into the trucks and vandalising areas of the grounds and building. This was causing stress and the expense of having to constantly clear up after the vandals and the team were left forever repairing the side wired fences, as the teens would climb underneath them, bending back the wiring. Pride needed to deter and monitor around the whole site as there are plenty of potential entry points. 


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