Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Citytalk Communications provides intergrated ICT solutions that meet the needs of your business and help you to plan for the future. Our agility and flexibility enables us to adapt to each client's specific needs - whatever their business. As we interconnect with most of the UK's leading carriers, we offer the most cost effective solutions and true network diversity. Resilient connections to the customer site and seperate routing to different data centres give added security. Citytalk Communications provide a suite of complementary offerings that create value for our clients and their customers by utilising the network and increasing its value.

We aim to develop partnerships with each of our clients by living up to our promises and exceeding their expectations. If you want to invest in the right technology to drive your business forward then give Citytalk Communications a call now.

Cloud hosted services offered by Citytalk Communications

  • Hosted email mailboxes
    • POP / IMAP / SMTP
    • Hosted Exchange
    • Microsoft Office 365
  • Email security
    • Cloud based spam filtering
    • Managed Antivirus
  • Secure off-site backup
  • Hosted desktops and servers
  • Hosted lync
  • Hosted sharepoint
  • Email archiving 1 year, 5 year, 10 year


Hosted email mailboxes

Hosted MailboxesCitytalk offer a range of hosted email mailboxes that are suitable for businesses of every size, from small companies with as little as one or two mailboxes, up to the largest corporate clients with hundreds of users.

We support many ways of accessing your email:

  • Traditional PC based email clients such as Microsoft Outlook
  • Web based email that is similar in usage to Hotmail or Gmail

Below we have outlined the most popular types of mailboxes that we offer, and the types of device that they are suitable for.


 Starter Mailboxes (POP / IMAP)

This type of mailbox is the most traditional type of internet email mailbox. It is usually used with a mail client which is installed on a Desktop or Laptop PC. There are many mail clients for this type of mailbox but arguably the most popular mail clients are: Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird. The first two are included on most windows PCs and the third is free to download. This type of mailbox is most commonly used for standalone Desktop PCs. It is also suitable for basic use on mobile devices but it lacks the advanced synchronisation features of newer technologies such as ActiveSync and is often not the best choice when you want to frequently access the same mailbox by several devices such as PC, Laptop and Smartphone. Or where one group mailbox is shared by several people. In either of these two scenarios we highly recommend upgrading to a Hosted Exchange Mailbox.

Starter mailboxes include 50MB storage.

Advanced Mailbox

The Citytalk advanced mailbox includes all the features of the starter mailbox above plus Spam Filtering, 1GB storage, authenticated SMTP server suitable for roaming use with mobile devices and web access through Outlook Web App.

Advanced mailboxes are charged at £2.50 per mailbox per month

Hosted Exchange Mailbox

Exchange 2013Citytalk's Hosted Exchange Mailboxes are the preferred choice for users that frequently access their mailbox from different devices such as PCs, Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets. This type of mailbox uses a technology called ActiveSync which is included in most Smartphones and Tablets such as Apple iPhone, iPad and Android. ActiveSync provides advanced synchronization features which enable Email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks to be synchronised between all of your devices. This type of mailbox is also suitable for use as a shared mailbox such as a 'department' mailbox which is shared between many users in a company. When used on a Desktop or Laptop PC this type of mailbox is usually used with the Microsoft Outlook mail client as this software also provides full access to these features.


Cloud Based Email security for on-site exchange servers

Email SecurityEvery day millions of spam emails are sent worldwide containing viruses and links to fraudulent websites. If you host your own email server, it is imperative to have an effective Anti-virus and Spam filtering solution protecting your organisation.

Citytalk's cloud based email security service scans incoming email to your business BEFORE it is delivered to your server, filtering spam and removing viruses before it has a chance to enter your organisation. This pro-active defence against email based threats is the preferred solution as malware doesn't ever enter your mailboxes or touch your server.



 Managed Anti-Virus

Anti-VirusVirus threats are becoming ever more advanced and criminal gangs are increasingly using virus infection and other malware to target businesses with the intent of stealing confidential data such as usernames and passwords to important services such as internet banking and email servers.

Traditional Anti-Virus programs often require the user to renew subscriptions, download updates and schedule regular scans of their PC. If users ignore these requirements - as many do! Then the protection offered by the Anti-Virus software against new threats is drastically reduced.

Citytalk's managed Anti-Virus All solution ensures that all PCs in your organisation are kept up to date with protection against the latest viruses and perform scans on a regular schedule. Our service requires no user intervention as all scanning and update procedures are managed centrally by our secure servers and all alerts are monitored by our IT Support team. If a virus or other malware is detected then we will contact you immediately to pinpoint the source of the infection and take action to secure the infected system.

Managed Backup with secure off-site storage

Remote BackupEvery business should have a robust and effective backup procedure in place, however every week we are surprised by how many businesses we visit that do not have any form of backup. If you don't have a backup plan - ask yourself could your business survive if you lost all your data?

Citytalk offer several managed backup plans for businesses of all sizes. We subscribe to the philosophy that any data considered essential to the running of your business should be backed up three times.

  • First Backup
    Local daily backup to restore from in the event of minor incidents such as accidental deletions and hard drive failures. We recommend a daily incremental backup of all systems to a portable hard drive stored locally. In the event that a restore is needed, a locally stored hard drive will be faster to restore from than a remote backup location.
  • Second Backup
    Remote daily backup in case of theft, flood or fire. In addition to daily local backup, we recommend that daily incremental backups are performed to a remote backup service where data is stored on-line in a data centre in a secure off-site location. A remote backup solution will protect against the most catastrophic events such as total loss in the event of theft, flood or fire, but is slower to restore from than a local on-site backup.
  • Third Backup
    Full image backup stored off-line and off-site in case of any problems with the other backups. A periodic full image backup stored on a portable hard drive that is always stored offsite in a safe and secure location provides a backup to your backups.


For more information, call our sales team on 01296 744310 so that we may fully understand the needs of your business and recommend the correct product suitable for your individual requirements.

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We bring together our in depth knowledge and experience of the industry with a fresh and unique approach by offering world class flexible services and solutions for businesses looking to implement mobile voice and data solutions as part of their overall ITC strategy. This Case Study section gives you an insight on what we do and the way that we work to keep our customers happy and connected...

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